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A Selection of Portfolio Titles

This is why I love what I do: improving the reader experience and watching authors grow with each book. I have edited 185 novels and books, for self-published and traditionally published authors. Here are a few titles that represent my typical editing projects. Contact me to see how I can help you.


My fiction work includes novels, novellas, and series for middle-grade children to adults: literary fiction, historical fiction, realistic fiction, religious (Christian) fiction, science fiction, mystery/crime/suspense, and action/adventure

Novellas (as copy editor)

Take It Back series (Douglas Gage Vigilante Thrillers) by D. Ray Thomas:

Take It Back (book 1)

Cash Money (book 2)

The Statistic (book 3)

Safe (book 4)




Novels (as copy editor)


Alive and Well . . . Only Bleeding by G.K.

—contemporary Christian fiction







Anything That Moves by K. Sena Makeig

—historical fiction literature

The Caged Bird Sings by James Channing Shaw and Cal Orey

—historical fiction

Divided Loyalty by Mark Crawford

—historical fiction, based on a true story

The Dream States by Jon DeLeon

—science fiction

Pain in Palmyra by Bruce Alterman

—religious fiction, action/crime




The Spirit of the River: Awacha Nay by Heidi Ennis

—historical fiction

The Vow by Stephen David Rubin  

—historical fiction





Novels (as line editor)

28 Timbre Lane by Nan Avalyn

—visionary fiction

Arkapeligo: Rising by MA West

—science fiction

Brandon’s Crossing by James S. Murphy


Trini! Come! by W. Michael Farmer

—western historical fiction







Middle-Grade Novels (as copy editor)

Daisie Moon Adventure Books by Barbara Thompson:

Pursuit of Happiness (volume 1)

Far from Home (volume 2)

—middle-grade historical







Shanghaied: Escape from the Blackwolf by Carey Fessler

—middle-grade action/adventure, science fiction


Middle-Grade Novels (as line and copy editor)

The Backwoods Rabbit by R.J. Betway   

—middle-grade adventure, literary, anthropomorphic

Mindipin by R.J. Betway (prequel to The Backwoods Rabbit)

—middle-grade adventure, literary, anthropomorphic

Middle-Grade Novels (as line editor)

Manatado vs the Machine by MA West

—middle-grade action/adventure and fantasy




My nonfiction work includes a variety of nontechnical topics, such as memoirs, business books, and self-help ebooks. I provided copy editing and sometimes proofreading as well. 

Combat PTSD in America: Toward a Permanent Solution 

by Daniel Williams, MD

CounterPunch: How Agents Can Survive the Cataclysmic Changes and

Thrive in Real Estate by Jack Hayhow

Diet-Free Me by Pamela Burke

Does My Course Look Fat? by LaTasha Hussey

Hooked by Christie Bonham 

House of the Sun: A Visionary Guide for Parenting in a Complex World 

by Patty Bear and Pat Shannon, M.Ed.

How to Make Disciples by Doug Burrier

How to Make Sure He Will Be Into You by Evan Cleaver 

Lose Weight with Your Mind by Jonathan R. DeLeon

Maintaining Your Second Language by Eve Lindemuth Bodeux

The Mental Playbook by Eugene Johnson

On Our Terms: Empowering the New Health Consumer by Glen Tullman 

Raising a Teenage Girl as a Single Dad by Brian Edwards

Twenty-Five Years by Michael Kenneth Berquist


UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship 

by MJ DeMarco

Visual Pricing for Realtors by Jonathan DeLeon and Tim DeLeon

Far from Home boo cover
Shanghaied book cover
The Backwoods Rabbit book cover

“Very professional and accommodating. Had good insight and experience that she leveraged to launch my book to the next level.”

—Daniel W., Nonfiction Author

“Audra was remarkable! Wonderful to work with, exceptionally competent, totally responsive.”

—Jack H., Nonfiction Author

“It was a pleasure working with Audra.”

—Pamela B., Self-Help Author

“Audra is an amazing editor. . . . You would be crazy not to hire her.”

—LaTasha H., Self-Help Author 


—Patty B., Nonfiction Author

“Audra is an efficient, eagle-eyed, master editor who knows her craft. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”

—Jeff B., Memoirist

“She has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with her again.”

—Brian E., Self-Help Author

“My book is ready to go to print. Thank you Audra!”

—Michael W., Memoirist

“Feel free to add me to your ‘biggest fans’

list.... Thanks again—you’ve made

this work WAYYYYY better.”

—Jeff N., Soon-to-Be Published Author

“Professional, high quality work.

Great communicator, and just plain pleasant to work with. Would love to collaborate with again.”

—Tasha G., Novelist

“A jewel in the mists of the crazy publishing world! I feel very blessed that I found Audra.”

—Angelica C., Novelist

“I have used Audra three separate times now, and will continue to use her for editing. She has edited a self help, business, and science fiction book for me and has done excellent on all three.”

—Jonathan D., Novelist and Nonfiction Author

“A true professional. Thank you.”

—Eden K., Novelist

“Professional and timely editor who delivered exactly as promised and was immediately available to respond to questions/feedback. Great communication and partnership throughout.”

—Lindsey P., Novelist


“No one brings a lifelong dream to fruition on their own. Writing this book was no exception. From the earliest stirrings in the back of my mind until the day of publication, the Universe has provided supportive family, friends and incredibly creative people to work beside me. I offer my sincere appreciation to everyone who made this book possible:

Audra Gerber, who took on the insecurities of a first-time novelist while providing the professional editing and mentoring required to produce a quality manuscript . . .”

—Nan A., Novelist

“Working with Audra has been amazing. She is very organized, detailed and systematic while at the same time being very creative with suggestions and honest with her feedback. She took my novel to the next level and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

—West W., Novelist

“I have worked with Audra in the past; she has now successfully copy-edited three of my manuscripts. I know I can count on her to find my mistakes. (yes, there are always some!)”

—Barbara T., Novelist

“Excellent book editor with great adherence to deadlines!”

—Matthew H., Children’s Book Author

Take It Back book cover
Pursuit of Happiness book cover
Cash Money book cover
The Statistic book cove
Safe book cover
Arkapeligo: Rising book cover
Anything That Moves book cover
Pain in Palmyra book cover
The Dream States book cover
Mindipin book cover
The Caged Bird Sings book cover
Spirit of the River book cover
historical fiction novel
Alive and Well book cover
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