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Manuscript Editing Services

Fiction and Nontechnical Nonfiction Editor

novels, novellas, memoirs, self-help, and business books

Your editing needs are perhaps as unique as your story, but we share the same goal: to make your book or novel the best it can be. If you are happy with your final draft and will not make any further changes, you might be ready for copy editing.

Copy editing focuses on grammar and style, not content or creativity, throughout your entire manuscript. I will polish grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and style consistency on your final draft, in your words.

Click to learn more about manuscript copy editing and to see a sample.


If you are happy with your story and structure but want creative help with your prose, you might consider line editing. I offer this advanced option for fiction only. Using my education and experience, I will help you take your writing to the next level.

Line editing focuses on creativity and readability at the sentence, paragraph, and scene levels to elevate your prose and find story inconsistencies. I will identify and help fix issues such as overused words and phrases, clunky sentence structure, weak transitions, and “head hopping.”

Click to learn more about fiction line editing and to see a sample.


I work on fully developed and written manuscripts only. While my line edit includes detailed suggestions where applicable on the manuscript, if you are not happy with your story, please consider a manuscript critique before investing in editing

If your schedule or budget allows for only one round of editing before publishing, I highly recommend a copy edit. But unless you are satisfied with your final draft, a line edit would be better. Not sure what you need? Send a sample of your writing and ask to see the difference.

Working with Audra has been amazing.

She is very organized, detailed and systematic while at the same time being very creative with suggestions and honest with her feedback.

She took my novel to the next level and I couldn’t have done it without her.”​

—West W., Novelist

“She has now successfully copy-edited three of my manuscripts. I know I can count on her to find my mistakes. (yes, there are always some!)”

—Barbara T., Novelist

“Excellent book editor with great adherence to deadlines!”

—Matthew H., Children’s Book Author

“An efficient, eagle-eyed, master editor who knows her craft. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”

—Jeff B., Memoirist

I line edit genre and literary fiction for middle-grade to adult novels. I copy edit fiction and nontechnical nonfiction books. 

Upon completion of either level of editing, I provide three Word files: the edited manuscript, a clean copy, and a style sheet.

Take a look around my website to learn more about me or my editing services, or contact me directly to see how I can help you.

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