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I provide quality editing at customized rates because each project is unique. Due to the additional time required, rates are higher for line editing, for heavier copy editing, or for additional rounds beyond my two-pass process. Let’s discuss your manuscript, and then I will provide an exact quote once I understand the full scope of your editing needs.


If we decide to work together, I will create an electronic contract outlining our agreed-upon terms. This includes a confidentiality clause—I consider all materials confidential and will never share them.


I bill through PayPal, but those who do not wish to use PayPal can bypass the login screen to use a card or bank account instead. Once you pay in full, all edits belong to you. I do not collect any part of book earnings.


I operate a completely paperless business, from contracts and billing through the actual editing process.

Human Touch

I complete all editing manually through Microsoft Word. I do not run manuscripts through programs or editing software. I believe in the human touch and am an advocate for each author’s individual style and voice. I am here to help you shine, not strip away what makes your book unique.


For copy editing, I will complete a small sample to demonstrate my skills. If you send a few chapters in Microsoft Word, I will find a section that needs extra work, edit a portion of it, and provide a cost estimate for copy editing the full manuscript.

Line editing requires more knowledge of your story, characters, and style, so the sample will be more subjective. Please send the first chapter or two and a middle chapter in Microsoft Word. I will give examples of items I would like to address if we move forward.

If you aren’t sure what you need, ask to see a comparison. I will pick a section and edit it both ways to show you the difference.


Upon completion of any editing project, I will electronically send three Word files: the edited manuscript, a clean copy, and a style sheet.

Contact me to discuss your manuscript and editing needs.

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