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The Spirit of the River: Awacha Nay by Heidi Ennis


Historical fiction (as copy editor)

Native American tale based in the Pacific Northwest

Released on November 12, 2021

“Before dams and railroads and cities, back when the river ran free, there existed a delicate balance of power, trade, and alliances amongst the people who called the mighty Nch’i-Wána home. Trade up and down the Great River revolved around a precarious balance of peace, respect, and mutual understanding. All knew this. Some were better at it than others. And a few would do whatever it takes to disrupt that balance.” Visit Amazon page for additional information.





The Caged Bird Sings: A Young Man's Untold War Chronicles

by James Channing Shaw and Cal Orey


Historical fiction (as copy editor)

Released on September 28, 2021

“World War II, 1940, in the Nazi-occupied city of Rouen, France: Despite Germany’s stranglehold on the French, Benjamin Cohen, an introverted but musically talented adolescent, defies his father to study the carillon in the Catholic cathedral, a huge instrument of fifty-five bells. Though impeded by the German threat and his perceived dismissal by family, his confidence grows with the help of his new “family” at the cathedral and his pet cockatiel, Frère Jacques. This coming-of-age epistolary novel tells of wartime dynamics between Catholic and Jewish, boy and girl, father and son, and two estranged brothers on their journeys through war, love, and tragedy.” Visit Amazon page for additional information.

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