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Dad (1942–2022) and Grandma (1920–2021)

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The Voice in My Head

by Thom Bianco 

July 13, 2022

To feel any feeling,

     so deeply,

     about another person 

is rooted in love. 

The deeper the roots,

     the stronger,

     and more vibrant,

     are the branches,

     and leaves,

     and thorns,

     and blossoms,

that grow above.

The beautiful 

and wonderful tangle,

of what shows above is there,

as a result of a root system        that has supported it   

     and allowed it to grow. 

The seasons change,

     and the influence

     of the seasons,

     changes the plant,

but the roots are constant,          and continue to feed,

     and nourish,

     and support the plant throughout its entire lifetime. 
They will always be there 

     for the entire duration 

     of the plant’s showing              itself in life. 

The plant is itself a vibrant,         and growing, 

    and changing element 

    of expression,

but the roots made it so. 

And though the roots 

    are covered,

    and buried,

    and not seen,

they are always the source of the plant’s expression. And no matter how 


    and pleasant,

    or stormy and cold,

the elements surrounding the plant become,

the plant survives,

    and lives,

    and prospers,

because of the roots that           sprouted it 

    and grew it,

    and give it its life!

**Posted with permission from Thom Bianco, who wrote this poem after I said my dad “will always be the voice in my head, helping me be a better person.” Thank you, Thom. You have a gift. Keep writing!

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